On Tuesday, March 27th at 12pm ET the entire Knight Agency team will participate in an hour-long lunchbox chat using the #knightagency hashtag. Anyone

with a Twitter account

is encouraged to ask publishing related questions* to our agents, including; Deidre Knight (@DeidreKnight), Lucienne Diver (@LucienneDiver), Nephele Tempest (@NepheleTempest), Pamela Harty (@PamelaHarty), Elaine Spencer (@ElaineSpencer) and Melissa Jeglinski (@MJeglinski). Remember to pack your lunch!

*This is not an opportunity to pitch your work to TKA agents. To query our agents, email submissions@knightagency.net. Thank you!


1. You must use include the #knightagency hashtag after your question so that it can be included in the conversation stream.

2. We prefer that you ask an open question

to the team so that anyone may answer you, rather than pinpointing a certain team member.

3. Though all agents will be diligently monitoring the feed, we cannot promise that all questions will be answered. It depends on the frequency of questions coming in. We will make every effort to cover all that we can.

4. Overall moderating and posting highlighted questions and answers will be done from that @KnightAgency account.