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Our agents are open to reviewing manuscripts and material from both first-time authors and publishing veterans. We receive thousands of query letters each year, so it is imperative that you read the guidelines outlined below before submitting your project. Your assistance in adhering to these standards will ensure that the agency can receive, evaluate and respond to your material as quickly and efficiently as possible.

1. We are a Green agency and, therefore, only accept emailed queries. Paper queries submitted via US Mail or any other means (including Fax, Fed-Ex/UPS and even door-to-door delivery) will not be reviewed nor returned.

2. All queries should be sent to Submissions(at)KnightAgency(dot)net. When typing this email address, please use the @ symbol for “at” and a period for “dot.” Your submission should include a one page query letter and the first five pages of your manuscript.  All text must be contained in the body of your email. Attachments will not be opened nor included in the consideration of your work. Please only query if your manuscript is complete and edited.

Queries must be addressed to a specific agent. Please do not query multiple TKA agents simultaneously. If an agent feels your project would be better suited for one of their colleagues, they will share it. Therefore, a pass from one TKA agent is a pass from the entire team. To determine which agent may be most appropriate for your project, visit our “About Us” page.

3. We are unable to open any attachments. Attachments in unsolicited queries will not be opened and their inclusion may cause a query to be inadvertently deleted or sent to spam. All queries will be reviewed on an individual basis by our submissions coordinator and relevant agents. Only a small minority of queries will meet the requirements of the openings in our agency’s list.

4. The response time for queries is two to three weeks from the time of receipt. If you do not hear back after three weeks, it’s possible that our email security filter has blocked your email, so please send us a brief note following up on your initial query. Due to spam filters, query letters and even our responses have been known to go missing. Our email security filter has been known to block Hotmail users specifically. To ensure delivery, we suggest that you do not use Hotmail. If your follow-up email is still unanswered after several days, please send the note again from a different email address. We ask that you understand these unavoidable inconveniences and appreciate your patience.

5. Review of requested material currently takes six to eight weeks from the time of receipt. Please do not call to check on the status of your manuscript. If you are concerned about its receipt, email is the best way to inquire. If after 4-8 weeks you have not received a response regarding material we have specifically requested, we ask that you send a follow-up email and wait a few days for a response before resubmitting your project via an alternate email address.

6. Due to the wide range of tastes and preferences that exist among The Knight Agency’s seven acquiring agents, we are currently looking for material in a wide spectrum of genres. Please reference the list below for the types of submissions we are NOT currently accepting.

  • Screen Plays
  • Short Story Collections
  • Poetry Collections
  • Essay Collections
  • Photography
  • Film Treatments
  • Picture Books (although graphic novels will be accepted)
  • Children’s Books (although young adult and middle grade titles will be accepted)
  • Biographies
  • Non-fiction Historical Treatments