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Books Agents Want to See More of + New Clients + Recent Deals

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- The American Booksellers Association's Indie Sci-Fi & Fantasy Bestseller List included THE FIFTH SEASON, THE BEST AMERICAN SCIENCE FICTION AND FANTASY 2018, HOW LONG ’TIL BLACK FUTURE MONTH?, and THE OBELISK GATE, all by N.K. Jemisin.

- The Top 100 Romance Novels on Goodreads included Gena Showalter 's THE DARKEST NIGHT and Nalini Singh's ANGELS BLOOD and SLAVE TO SENSATION.

- An excerpt of GETTING HOT WITH A SCOT by Melonie Johnson appeared in this month's Cosmopolitan Magazine. It also was a Spotlight Title in Netgalley's Romance Roundup.

- HONOR AMONG THIEVES by Rachel Caine and Ann Aguirre was named to the 2019 LITA-Excellence in Children’s and Young Adult Science Fiction Notable List.

- SHADOW AND ICE by Gena Showalter is a finalist for the 2019 Audie Awards in the romance category.

- AMISH SAFE HOUSE by Debby Giusti made Publishers Weekly's bestseller list.

- BELIEVE IN ME by Ella Quinn received a great review from Booklist.

- Lucy Parker’s upcoming release THE AUSTEN PLAYBOOK received a great review from Publishers Weekly.

- MTL Magazine did a special interview with WE HOPE FOR BETTER THINGS author Erin Bartels in their monthly newsletter.

- Nalini Singh announced that she’s going to pay for a New Zealand–based author—one who has never attended a national conference and might not otherwise get the opportunity to do so—to attend this year’s Romance Writers of New Zealand conference in Christchurch.

- David Amerland, author of THE SNIPER MIND, was a guest speaker at The Executive Club in Milan, a gathering of CEOs, VPs, and directors from banking and manufacturing industries.


- Nutritionist and author of THE WHOLE PREGNANCY Aimee Aristotelous's ALMOST KETO, with coauthor Richard Oliva, featuring an alternative ketogenic nutrition plan with clean keto foods, less fat, and more sustainability, to Leah Zarra at Skyhorse, by Pamela Harty

- Rachel Caine's STILLHOUSE LAKE, KILLMAN CREEK, and WOLFHUNTER RIVER, to Hailien Zhou at Pioneer Books (China) in a pre-empt three-book deal, by Gray Tan at The Grayhawk Agency on behalf of Alexandra Levenberg at Amazon Publishing and Lucienne Diver

- N.K. Jemisin's THE OBELISK GATE, to Relogio D'Agua (Portugal) in a nice deal, by Montse Yanez at Julio F-Yanez Agency; and, along with THE STONE SKY, to Salt (Thailand), in a nice two-book deal, by Whitney Lee at The Fielding Agency on behalf of Lucienne Diver

- Rachel Caine's SWORD AND PEN, the final novel in The Great Library series, to Susie Dunlop at Allison & Busby, in a nice deal for publication in September 2019, by Lucienne Diver



Melissa Kravitz
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Melissa Kravitz is a journalist and novelist writing about food, travel, and culture, with a focus on women and LGBTQ people. Her work has appeared in Bon Appetit, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Food & Wine, Travel & Leisure, Conde Nast Traveler, Vice, and several more outlets. She lives in Brooklyn with her partner and hundreds of color-coordinated books.


Brian Daly
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Brian Daly writes middle-grade novels, screenplays (including the adaptation of his novel Big and Harry for the Showtime Original cable feature), plays, and musicals. He lives with his wife in Maine.


            What type of book are you not seeing enough of in your query box?

Deidre Knight
I’m not seeing enough finance/investing/business books. I’m very keen to find nonfiction business/investing focused on digital culture and investment opportunities, especially aimed at millennials. I'd also like a book exploring the impacts of a cashless society, not just an exploration of crypto.


Elaine Spencer

I would love to see more historical women’s fiction. I’m also keen to find some great new lifestyle nonfiction and true crime narratives. 


Lucienne Diver
I would love to see more diverse stories across genres, where the writer is not jumping on a bandwagon, but is truly connected to the story they have to tell. I want stories that invest readers and take them for a deep dive into something fully realized, visceral, and so real that we experience it alongside the protagonist(s). In short, I’d love to find more work that’s truly transformative.


Melissa Jeglinski
I’m not seeing enough cozy mysteries with a unique premise. I’m looking for something fun and lighter in tone with an interesting protagonist. 


Travis Pennington
I'd love m
ore novels set in unique locations by authors who grew up in those areas. This especially applies to Asia and Africa.


Honor Bound (Honors Book 2)

Buy NowBuy NowBuy Now Buy NowSavvy criminal turned skilled Leviathan pilot Zara Cole finds new friends and clashes with bitter enemies in the second book of this action-packed series from New York Times bestselling authors Rachel Caine and Ann Aguirre that’s perfect for fans of The 100 and The Fifth Wave.

Circle of the Moon (A Soulwood Novel Book 4)

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Set in the same world as Faith Hunter's New York Times bestselling Jane Yellowrock novels, the fourth Soulwood novel stars Nell Ingram, who channels her power from the earth.

A Grave Peril (Bodies of Evidence Book 3)

Buy NowBuy NowBuy Now Buy NowJulie Hall’s job is to find bodies. For the sake of her sanity, she’s taking a much-needed break—but the dead don’t wait. With bodies piling up alongside her guilt, she knows she has to dive back in, despite pushback from her FBI boyfriend, Garrett Pierce. But Garrett is working a troubling case of his own and no longer seems like the man she fell in love with.

Home on the Ranch: Montana Redemption (Saddle Ridge, Montana)

Buy NowBuy NowBuy Now Buy NowChelsea Logan has always had a weakness for bad boys, and Ryder Slade is no exception. She’s swept off her feet by the rugged cowboy. But that changes when Chelsea discovers that Ryder is out on parole after being convicted of killing his father. She can’t let an ex-con near her daughter or her reputation.


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Artist Aurora Harper is convinced she’s witnessed a crime—a murder so brutal she’s repressed the memories, only to paint the scene by the light of the moon. Now she needs her new neighbor, Detective Levi Reid, to help her track down the victim—and the killer. Levi’s dealing with his own memory issues, but one thing he knows for sure: Harper is meant to be his, and nothing can take her away from him—not in this life…and not in death.

Believe in Me (The Worthingtons Book 6)

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Marriage has worked out quite nicely for her older sisters, yet Lady Augusta Vivers is certain it would end her studies in languages and geography, and stop her from travelling. But when her mother thwarts her plan to attend the only university in Europe that accepts women—in Italy—she is forced to agree to one London Season. Spending her time at parties proves an empty diversion—until she encounters the well-traveled Lord Phineas Carter-Wood. Still, Europe awaits . . .

Home at Last (The Bradshaws Book 3)

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Returning to their hometown isn’t something the Bradshaw brothers ever thought they’d do. But a family tragedy has reunited them in Benevolence, Washington—where second chances, reignited dreams, and real love are never far away . . .

The Marriage Bargain (Family Blessings Book 4)

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Jules Sheehan will do anything to keep custody of the two orphaned girls in her care—including a marriage of convenience with their uncle. Cam Quinn crosses the globe as a travel writer, but he’s ready to settle down. Now tough, tender Jules is offering the home he’s secretly longed for. Can this marriage in name only become a family of the heart?

Amish Hideout (Amish Witness Protection)

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With a price on his witness’s head, US Marshal Jonathan Mast can think of only one place to hide Celeste Alexander—in the Amish community he left behind. As a computer expert, leading a life off the grid isn’t easy for Celeste. But will staying in Jonathan’s childhood home save her…and convince them a future together is worth fighting for?

Amish Safe House (Amish Witness Protection)

Buy NowBuy NowBuy Now Buy NowAfter Julia Bradford’s son witnesses a gang shooting, hiding in witness protection on Abraham King’s Amish farm is the only hope the Englischer and her children have. Even as danger closes in, Julia is drawn to the community’s peaceful ways—and the ex-cop turned Amish protector. But when their location is discovered, can Abraham protect her family…and possibly have a future by her side?

An Unconditional Freedom (The Loyal League Book 3)

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Daniel Cumberland, born free in Massachusetts, studied law with dreams of helping his people—dreams that died the night he was kidnapped and sold into slavery. Daniel is rescued, but he’s a changed man. When he’s offered entry into the Loyal League, the covert organization of Black spies who helped free him, he seizes the opportunity for vengeance against the Confederacy and those who support it.

*not sold by TKA


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Italian verion
L’uomo che gli è accanto fa meno paura di quello che lo fissa dallo specchio.
Le credenziali da vero macho di Hunter Willis sono tutte in regola, come il motore della sua Harley. Da bravo ragazzo del Midwest, ogni giorno si mette in sella a quella moto da vero duro per andare a lavorare in cantiere e magari farsi qualche birra con gli amici. I suoi weekend da single sono ravvivati da hockey e baseball.

A Convenient Scandal (Plunder Cove Book 2646)

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A compromising viral video has ruined Jeffrey Harper’s reputation. But his father’s offer for a new start comes with strings. To develop a luxury resort at Plunder Cove, the celebrity hotelier must first settle down—with an arranged marriage. That suits the cynic fine, until aspiring chef Michele Cox whets his appetite for something spicier than a contract would allow…

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