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KILLMAN CREEK, the second installment in Rachel Caine’s Stillhouse Lake Series, debuted at #1 on the Wall Street Journal Fiction eBooks Bestseller List.

- HONOR AMONG THIEVES by Rachel Caine and Ann Aguirre was one of Book Bub’s Biggest Teen Books for Adults Coming in 2018.

- Brit + Co's 8 Exciting Debut Novels to Kick Off the New Year included ISLAND OF SWEET PIES AND SOLDIERS by Sara Ackerman.

- Smart Bitches, Trashy Books gave AGAINST ALL ODDS by Jezz de Silva a great review.

- David Mack had an article on Tor's blog about  choosing a title for your novel.

- The cover of TWICE DEAD by Caitlin Seal was revealed on YA Interrobang.

- Christina Henry’s ALICE was listed as one of Book Axe’s 5 Magical Fairytale Retellings.

- Kings River Life’s list of the Best books of 2017 included KISS THE BRICKS by Tammy Kaehler, CURSE ON THE LAND by Faith Hunter, and GRAVE RANSOM by Kalayna Price

- Barnes & Nobles's Sci-fi and Fantasy Blog posted an article about why librarians make great heroes that featured Genevieve Cogman’s THE LOST PLOT.

- Congratulations to the following novels for being Romantic Times Nominees for Best Books for 2017!

Sci Fi & Fantasy/Epic Fantasy Novel:



Historical/First Historical Romance:


Historical/Inide Digital Historical Romance:

Cat Sebastian—THE RUIN OF A RAKE

Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Worldbuilding:




Paranormal & Urban Fantasy/Urban Fantasy Novel:


Series Romance:


Contemporary/Indie Digital Contemporary Romance:

Annabeth Alberts—OFF BASE*

* Not sold by TKA

Round Table

If you weren’t in the publishing industry, what would you be doing?


Pamela Harty

I would be an interior designer and sell my paintings as a side business.




Lucienne Diver

Well, I write fiction already (the Latter-Day Olympians books, the Vamped series and more), but if I weren’t already doing that, I’d love to be a travel writer or host a travel show.



Nephele Tempest

It’s difficult for me to say what I’d be doing if I didn’t work in publishing, as I already circled through several industries (including publishing at the very start) before landing here. But if it didn’t require starting over from scratch, I think I’d like to do something related to music.


Melissa Jeglinski

If I wasn’t in the publishing industry I would probably have gone into Veterinary medicine. I would love to have a cat clinic and help out local rescues. 



Kristy Hunter

If I didn’t work in publishing, I probably would be a lawyer, but my dream job (other than my current job!) would be to work as a photographer for National Geographic.  



Janna Bonikowski

If I weren’t involved in the publishing industry, apparently I’d be running a farm in order to entertain my dog. Those who follow me on social media might know that my family has recently adopted a puppy. She’s a Border Collie, which is a working dog, typically used for sheep herding. This has prompted quite a bit of speculation around the dinner table about what sort of animals we should get for Demon Fluff to herd (mainly so she’ll stop herding us). The suggestions have run from ducks and chickens to sheep and alpacas, even a llama they’ve already named Barack Ollama.

I have never loved books more.

Author Tip of the Month

Cathryn Fox is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. Her latest novel is LEVELED, the second book in the Blue Bay Crew series.

When I’m asked what is the one piece of advice I’d give to other authors, it’s always this: write every day, stay away from the drama, and surround yourself with positive people. You want to be with people who help build you up, not tear you down. As the saying goes, “Make sure everyone in your boat is rowing, and not drilling holes when you’re not looking.”


The Midnight Front: A Dark Arts Novel

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From New York Times bestselling author David Mack comes a visionary World War II-era adventure. The Midnight Front is the epic first novel in the Dark Arts series.

On the eve of World War Two, Nazi sorcerers come gunning for Cade but kill his family instead. His one path of vengeance is to become an apprentice of The Midnight Front―the Allies’ top-secret magickal warfare program―and become a sorcerer himself.

Read more
The Lost Plot (The Invisible Library series)

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A covert mission A royal demand And a race against time The fourth title in Genevieve Cogman's witty and wonderful The Invisible Library series, The Lost Plot is an action-packed literary adventure. In a 1920s-esque America, Prohibition is in force, fedoras, flapper dresses and tommy guns are in fashion, and intrigue is afoot. Intrepid Librarians Irene and Kai find themselves caught in the middle of a dragon vs dragon contest.

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Icing on the Cake: A Wild Wedding Novel (Wild Wedding Series)

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The second laugh-out-loud funny romance in Ann Marie Walker's Wild Wedding series sees a royal match unlike any other.

“Witty banter and off-the-charts chemistry make Ann Marie Walker a must read. Gimme more!” - New York Times bestselling author Julie Ann Walker

Cassandra Miller doesn’t have time for men. She’s far too busy trying to open a cupcake shop with her silent partner and best friend, not to mention catering her brother’s wedding. And let’s face it, it’s not like Prince Charming is going to stroll into the bakery and sweep her off her feet.

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Leveled (Blue Bay Crew)

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From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Cathryn Fox comes the scorching Blue Bay Crew series, that follows the sexy, blue collar Owens men who take over their family’s construction business in the small town of Blue Bay, CT.

Jamie Owens doesn’t trust women. Especially not the rich, entitled women looking for a summer fling with a boy from the wrong side of town. But one look at Kylee Jensen in a tiny bikini, and Jamie decides that some rules are made to be broken.

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In the Bodyguard's Arms (Bachelor Bodyguards)

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How close is too close for a bachelor bodyguard and his alluring client?

As a supermodel, Teddie Plummer is used to being wanted. But a stalker? That’s terrifying new territory, so Teddie hires a professional to guard her. The moment she and Payne Protection Agency bodyguard Jordan “Manny” Mannes collide, searing attraction introduces a different brand of danger.

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Taming the Texan (Billionaires and Babies)

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Stranded with a rich, rugged rancher…

Single mom Alexa Rodriguez’s first child-free vacation in years is supposed to be low-key. But then she meets brooding Texas rancher Hayes Elliott. Heir to an empire and suffering deep emotional pain, he tries to push her away—even as she craves his touch. And when a storm strands them together, their undeniable chemistry explodes. Now Alexa finds herself introducing Hayes to her precious son, imagining herself in Hayes’s world and keeping secrets that could destroy everything…

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Wrangling Cupid's Cowboy (Saddle Ridge, Montana)

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Farrier Delta Grace has a strict rule about not getting involved with clients. Rugged ranch owner Garrett Slade is exactly why. The attraction between them is instant. He’s also her biggest client and the epitome of complicated. A widowed father of two, he’s moved back to Saddle Ridge, Montana, for a fresh start.

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Something to Treasure

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If anyone can save him, she’s the one

Jerrod Walters hopes relocating to the coastal town of Two Moon Bay can be the fresh start he and his young daughter need. But the single dad is caught off guard when a beautiful PR professional offers to promote his diving excursions to legendary shipwreck sites. There’s so much he admires about Dawn Larson, starting with the woman’s upbeat, can-do personality. Dawn’s boundless capacity for joy might be the only thing capable of bringing him back to life after his tragic loss…

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Forbidden Song (Hearts of Metal Book 5)

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Womanizing rock star, Cliff Tracey represents everything that has been forbidden to Christine Mayne, which only makes him a greater temptation, especially since she discovers he’s so much more than he pretends to be.


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Animal Instincts

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Unleashing your inner tigress isn't easy when you're a doormat by nature! Still, after escaping a wretched marriage to a cheating SOB, Dallas party planner Naomi Delacroix isn't about to let another man sweet-talk her into sheathing her protective claws. Not even hunky millionaire Royce Powell, who's hired her to arrange his mother's surprise party. Even if he does make her purr like a kitten with one heated glance....

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A Grave Search (Bodies of Evidence)

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Julie Hall is finally adjusting to her new career: locating dead bodies with dowsing rods.

The crime scene is drenched with blood, but the body is nowhere to be found.

When a grieving mother requests Julie’s help tracking the body of her missing daughter, Julie is hesitant. Not only do the circumstances sound disturbing, the job is in her hometown, a place steeped in upsetting memories and unresolved trauma. But her interest is piqued, and she takes the case, knowing she’ll have the support of her FBI agent boyfriend along the way.

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