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Remembering Rachel Caine + News




by Lucienne Diver

We lost the amazing Roxanne Longstreet Conrad, also known to the world as Rachel Caine, on November 1st to a rare and aggressive form of cancer. If you ask anyone about Roxanne, the first thing they’ll tell you about is her generous spirit. Roxanne was always there to uplift others and to give of herself—time, advice, encouragement, an upraised voice, donations for a good cause.... Not just when it was convenient, but even from her deathbed, she was signal-boosting others and making sure that those close to her were taken care of. She put others first, ever and always.

Perhaps because of her close attention to those around her, her works are full of well-developed, multi-faceted, diverse characters who really speak to readers, and it’s her amazing ability to put herself in the heads and hearts of others (and put readers there as well) that has made her a multinational bestseller. She will be missed the world over.

In lieu of flowers, her wishes were for donations to be sent to the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America’s Emergency Medical Fund or the Dallas-based Mary Crowley Cancer Research Center.

In special remembrance, her publishers are running deals on the ebooks of her Stillhouse Lake and Great Library series through the end of the month.



THE CITY WE BECAME by N.K. Jemisin made TIME’s 100 Must-Read Books of 2020.

POPSUGAR included YOU HAVE A MATCH by Emma Lord in their most anticipated books of 2021 roundup. It also made ABA’s Winter 21 Indie Next list.

THE CITY WE BECAME by N.K. Jemisin, THE HOUSE IN THE CERULEAN SEA by TJ Klune, WHEN NO ONE IS WATCHING by Alyssa Cole, and TWEET CUTE by Emma Lord are Goodreads Choice Awards finalists.

MAGIC DARK AND STRANGE by Kelly Powell was included in the Globe and Mail’s “Best young-adult books to read this fall” list. Kelly will also be discussing all things young-adult fantasy with other authors tonight (November 23) at 7:00 Eastern. Click here to register.

Genevieve Cogman became a LibraryReads Hall of Fame Author as THE DARK ARCHIVE became her third book to hit the site’s list.

N.K. Jemisin’s THE CITY WE BECAME (science fiction and fantasy); Emma Lord’s TWEET CUTE (young adult); Milla Vane’s A HEART OF BLOOD AND ASHES (romance); Annabeth Albert's CONVENTIONALLY YOURS (romance); and TJ Klune’s THE EXTRAORDINARIES (young adult), THE HOUSE IN THE CERULEAN SEA (science fiction and fantasy), and BROTHERSONG (romance) all made Amazon’s Best Books of 2020 list.

THE BRIGHT AND BREAKING SEA by Chloe Neill made SYFY WIRE’s list of “Six SFF Books We’re Excited for in November.”

WHEN NO ONE IS WATCHING by Alyssa Cole made BuzzFeed’s “14 Page-Turners That Will Keep You from Obsessively Checking Election Results” list. It also made Good Housekeeping’s “35 Best Psychological Thriller Books to Scare Yourself Silly” list.

Kirkus’s best books of 2020 included THE CITY WE BECAME by N.K. Jemisin for Science Fiction and Fantasy and A HEART OF BLOOD AND ASHES by Milla Vane for Romance.

THE CITY WE BECAME by N.K. Jemisin and HOW TO CATCH A QUEEN by Alyssa Cole made Barnes & Noble’s Best Books of 2020 list.

Alyssa Cole’s HOW TO CATCH A QUEEN was a LibraryReads pick for December.

ARCHANGEL’S SUN by Nalini Singh was on Goodreads’s November's Most Anticipated Romances list. It’s also one of Amazon’s Best Books of the Month.

JOINT CUSTODY by Lauren Baratz-Logsted and Jackie Logsted received a very nice review from Publishers Weekly.

BLOOD LIKE MAGIC by Liselle Sambury was one of BookRiot’s “3 Great 2021 YA Books About Witches to TBR.” It also made Buzzfeed's roundup for highly anticipated 2021 books.

In the Building Relationships Around Books (BRAB) Reader Awards, Reese Ryan won the Donna Hill Breakout Author Reading Warriors Choice Award of 2020, while Quinn Bazemore & Max Abbott from A REUNION OF RIVALS were nominated as Book Wifey and Book Husband of the Year.

Dr. Karen Aronian appeared on FOX 5 Atlanta to talk about the dangers of a COVID-19 parenting trend.



Katie O'Connor
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Katie O'Connor is an author and Director of Editorial at Audible. She has a B.A. in English from Georgetown, a Certificate in Publishing from Columbia, and is currently pursuing her MFA in Creative Writing at Farleigh Dickinson University. She lives in the Jersey suburbs with her husband and young sons.


BG Young
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BG Young is a Sci-fi/Dystopian writer, book lover, hiker, and home cook from Los Angeles, California.


Gena Showalter's untitled books, to Michele Bidelspach at HQN in a significant two-book deal, by Deidre Knight

TJ Klune's THE HOUSE IN THE CERULEAN SEA, to Memoris (Denmark), by Elin Rydner at Lennart Sane Agency on behalf of Elaine Spencer

Peggy Rothschild's THE BONE YARD, the first in a mystery series featuring an investigator-turned-dog trainer who moves to a coastal California town attempting a fresh start—only to find herself a suspect when her newest trainee digs up evidence of a murder—to Kristine Swartz at Berkley Prime Crime in a two-book deal, by Melissa Jeglinski

Kate McLaughlin's DAUGHTER, in which a 17-year-old discovers that her father is a notorious serial killer who will only give up his secrets to her, to Vicki Lame at Wednesday Books in a nice deal, by Deidre Knight

Lucy Parker's sixth book in her London Celebrities series, returning to the eccentric Ford-Griffin family and their rambling estate first introduced in THE AUSTEN PLAYBOOK—but this time following the sometimes hapless, always adorable younger brother as he finds his own happily ever after—to Kerri Buckley at Carina Press in a nice deal, by Elaine Spencer

Karen Booth's untitled conclusion to the latest iteration of the Texas Cattleman's Club series, in which two ranching families band together against a common enemy, to Patience Bloom at Harlequin Desire in a nice deal, by Melissa Jeglinski

Jules Bennett's untitled book, part of the latest iteration of the Texas Cattleman's Club series, to Stacy Boyd at Harlequin Desire in a nice deal, by Elaine Spencer

Hailey Edwards's PROOF OF LIFE and MOMENT OF TRUTH, books four and five in The Potentate of Atlanta series, to Kim Budnick at Tantor Media in a nice two-book deal, by Lucienne Diver

Nalini Singh's ALPHA NIGHT, to Bragelonne (France) by Anne Lenclud at Lenclud Literary Agency, on behalf of The Knight Agency

Cat Sebastian's HITHER PAGE, to MxM Bookmark (France) by Anne Lenclud at Lenclud Literary Agency, on behalf of Elaine Spencer

Faith Hunter's book 15 in the Jane Yellowrock series and book six in the Soulwood series, to Jo Ann Peritz at Audible in a two-book deal, by Lucienne Diver


Archangel's Sun (A Guild Hunter Novel Book 13)


A horrifying secret rises in the aftermath of an archangelic war in New York Times bestselling author Nalini Singh’s deadly and beautiful Guild Hunter world. . . .

The Archangel of Death and the Archangel of Disease may be gone but their legacy of evil lives on—especially in Africa, where the shambling, rotting creatures called the reborn have gained a glimmer of vicious intelligence.

The Bright and Breaking Sea (A Captain Kit Brightling Novel)


Kit Brightling, rescued as a foundling and raised in a home for talented girls, has worked hard to rise through the ranks of the Isles’ Crown Command and become one of the few female captains in Queen Charlotte's fleet. Her ship is small, but she's fast—in part because of Kit’s magical affinity to the sea. But the waters become perilous when the queen sends Kit on a special mission with a partner she never asked for.

Grave War (An Alex Craft Novel Book 7)


Grave witch Alex Craft is getting pulled back into deadly fae politics in the thrilling new novel in the USA Today bestselling series.

Grave witch Alex Craft has forged an uneasy truce with the world of Faerie, but she's still been trying to maintain at least some semblance of a normal life in the human world. So it's safe to say that stepping up as the lead investigator for the Fae Investigation Bureau was not a career path she ever anticipated taking.

The 30-Day Keto Plan: Ketogenic Meal Plans to Kick Your Sugar Habit and Make Your Gut a Fat-Burning Machine


Kick your sugar habit, lose weight, and feel amazing in just one month! Plus, enjoy tactics for success to live your best keto life sustainably after the 30-day mark.

The ketogenic diet, which promotes weight loss from being in the metabolic state of ketosis, is one of the most popular and effective diet plans in recent years. And it continues to grow in popularity as people across the country are learning more and more about it. However, there is conflicting research regarding the safety of consuming unlimited amounts of items such as bacon, cheese, fatty cuts of meats, and fried pork rinds. A large percentage of Keto dieters find the 70–80 percent fat intake requirement unsustainable, and even worrisome due to potential health implications. Many people are curious about the Keto lifestyle, given the weight loss results they hear about from others, but will not attempt the diet as the fat intake requirement sounds daunting!

The Dark Archive (The Invisible Library Novel Book 7)


A mysterious archive. A powerful enemy. And a cunning plan.

Danger is part of the day job for a Librarian spy. So Irene’s hoping for a relaxing weekend. However, her jaunt to Guernsey proves no such thing. Instead of retrieving a rare book, she’s almost assassinated, Kai is poisoned and Vale barely escapes with his life. Then the attacks continue in London – targeting those connected with the Fae-dragon peace treaty.

Irene knows she must stop the plot before the treaty fails. Or someone dies. But when Irene and friends are trapped underground, in a secret archive, things don’t look so good. Then an old enemy demands vengeance, and a shocking secret is revealed. Can Irene really seize victory from chaos?

How Millennials Can Lead Us Out of the Mess We're In: A Jew, a Muslim, and a Christian Share Leadership Lessons from the Life of Moses


During troubled times, millions have been inspired by the stories and spiritual lessons of the selfless leadership of Moses. In a world increasingly affected by political, social, and racial imbalance, we need strong, innovative leaders who have not forgotten or ignored these valuable lessons. How Millennials Can Lead Us Out of the Mess We're In: A Jew, a Muslim, and a Christian Share Leadership Lessons from the Life of Moses brings together an Israeli-born rabbi, a Pakistani-born Muslim scholar, and an ordained Midwestern American to inspire the next generation of leaders with a timeless story of the ancient prophet Moses. Written in an easy and accessible style, this book is meant for sincerely spiritual but church-resistant Bible readers as well as those who are familiar with the Moses narrative. No leadership book has ever attempted to synthesize the religious views of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity into one unified, harmonious voice singing a single hymn.

A Lady Compromised (Rosalind Thorne Mystery Book 4)


Rosalind is pleased when she's invited to Cassel House to help her friend, Louisa, prepare for her upcoming wedding. But that's not the only event on her agenda. The trip will also afford Rosalind the chance to see Devon Winterbourne, the newly minted Duke of Casselmaine. Devon and Rosalind were on the verge of betrothal before the infamous Thorne family scandal derailed their courtship. Now Rosalind wonders if there's a chance their love might reignite.

Finished Off in Fondant (A Courtney Archer Mystery Book 2)


Hosting a reality cooking show could be the perfect career boost for Chef Courtney Archer—as long as the contestants aren’t suspected of murder . . .
Despite a few early hiccups, Courtney is thrilled with her starring role on The American Baking Battle, filmed at a grand resort in the Pocono Mountains. The icing on the cake? The new season has a wedding theme—complete with formalwear. But the first day on set, the producer seems to care more about profits than pastry—and the topper comes when her cohost Skylar falls ill. Little does she know things are about to end in tiers . . .

A Daughter for Christmas (Triple Creek Cowboys Book 3)


This little girl needs a holiday to remember…

To give her a real Christmas, they’ll risk a surprising second chance.

Single mom Eve Fallon hopes a real country Christmas will help her young daughter, Alice, to overcome trauma. Widowed rancher Tanner Cole doesn’t believe in much of anything since his own tragic loss. But as his steady patience coaxes Alice out of her shell, Eve works to rekindle his holiday happiness. Together they might be able to heal…and make a family for a lifetime.

All He Wants for Christmas (The Sterling Wives Book 3)


A holiday rendezvous leads to unexpected attraction…for his brother’s widow.

For months, real estate developer Andrew Sterling has been laser focused on destroying Sterling Enterprises and bringing down his brother. But Johnathan’s sudden death changes everything—especially when Andrew learns his brother’s widow is pregnant. Andrew has never really seen Miranda Sterling…until now. As they get closer, he must fight the forbidden feelings that threaten more than his bottom line…

The Burbs and the Bees


I just inherited an apple orchard in Nova Scotia.

That’s definitely a sentence I never would have imagined saying in my life.

I’ve only ever been a socialite from New York, but that orchard is my chance to prove to my family, and myself, that I can do more. Be more. I may not exactly know what I want out of life yet, but I’m determined to stick to something—and no, I’m not talking about the bee farmer next door.

Christmas on Peach Tree Lane: An Opposites-Attract Christmas Romance


Event planner Violet Calhoun lives to deck the halls, and her quaint Southern hometown’s fiftieth annual Tinsel Tour will be the event of the season. With a magazine crew on hand to document Peach Grove’s transformation into a winter wonderland, this year’s festivities have got to be the holly-est, jolliest yet. She does not have the time to deal with a Grinch—even a gorgeous one like Brady Jackson.

Hollidae Fling


Sienna Turner has two words to describe her feelings toward Christmas...bah humbug. She has a similar view when it comes to love. However, when her sister secretly hires Jake Hollidae to install outdoor Christmas lights at her home, sparks fly when the handsome electrician shows up at Sienna's door with a clipboard and a promise to make her love her once-favorite holiday again.