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Super Simple Keto: Six Ingredients or Less to Turn Your Gut into a Fat-Burning Machine

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Learn the most simple and effective way to adhere to the widely popular ketogenic diet, and lose up to twenty pounds per month with easy meal plans and recipes containing no more than six ingredients.

The ketogenic diet, which promotes weight loss from being in the metabolic state of ketosis, is one of the most popular and effective diet plans in recent years, and it continues to grow in popularity as people across the country learn more and more about it. Some are hesitant to try the lifestyle not only due to the high fat intake, but also because they presume keto to be extremely complicated—but it doesn’t have to be! Super Simple Keto is an easy-to-follow plan with basic ingredients and meal preparation, with several options for restaurant fare for those who are on-the-go.

You’ll benefit from Super Simple Keto because it contains:

  • Helpful graphics so readers can visualize exactly what to eat to lose weight and see blood sugar level improvements in just one month
  • Emphasis on the healthiest fats and cleaner ketogenic foods
  • Detailed grocery lists, meal plans, and macronutrient charts
  • Categorized fats, carbohydrates, and proteins which are most beneficial for the healthiest keto plan
  • Mouthwatering recipes you can whip up in no time!

Just two chapters of “keto boot camp” will get you off and running to your new healthier lifestyle, without the need for spending hours of research.

Nutritionists and authors Aimee and Richard instruct readers on exactly what to eat to achieve ketosis, weight loss, and overall health improvements, without requiring exercise or too much time spent in the kitchen. In as little as thirty days, readers will learn how to achieve freedom from sugar and the processed food lifestyle, and they will kick-start their weight loss goals, in the most super simple way!

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