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Keith R.A. DeCandido's book one in the Supernatural Crimes Unit series, about a division of the NYPD that investigates crimes involving magic and monsters, to John Harlacher at Weird Tales Presents in a nice deal, by Lucienne Diver

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R. Lee Fryar's fairy-tale rom-com duology, pitched as Shrek for the romance reader, in which warring good and wicked witches try to one-up each other in magic and snark, only for their misfiring charms to place all of happily-ever-after in grave danger, to Mary

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Ann Aguirre's TALL, DARK AND ALIEN, where a lover of all things alien meets up with her online friends at Space Con, never expecting that one of them would be an actual alien in disguise or that an out-of-this-world affair is in the cards, to Christa

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Stephanie Hope's RELATIVELY SPEAKING, a humorous and heartfelt sapphic romance debut pitched as having telenovela vibes, about an immigrant daughter struggling to keep her family's business afloat, the wedding of the season that might change everything for the better, and the childhood rival-turned-ally who could become

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Author HEMLOCK ISLAND Kelley Armstrong's PAYNES HOLLOW, about a woman forced to stay a week at the lakefront property where she saw her father bury the child he was accused of murdering, never expecting that the demons she had come to face might be real, to Michael Homler at

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Chloe Neill's EMBER ETERNAL, the first book in a new romantasy series, following a thief whose dramatic encounter with an assassin and a crown bodyguard (who just happens to be a royal in disguise) launches her into a world of swirling palace intrigue, to Jessica Wade at Ace, in

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Terri Lynne-Defino's DIDN'T YOU USED TO BE QUEENIE B, in which a down-on-his luck young chef lands a job in a soup kitchen, unknowingly alongside a once-famous culinary icon who's been hiding in New Haven for the last decade, to Rachel Kahan at

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Laurel Greer's untitled book in the Montana Mavericks series, to Susan Litman at Harlequin Special Edition for publication in spring 2025, by Elaine Spencer

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Ruthie Knox and Annie Mare's BIG NAME FAN, in which a pair of former TV detectives notorious for their characters' never-realized sapphic chemistry reunite for a rewatch podcast and find themselves investigating the real-life murder of their show's makeup artist, to Shannon Plackis at Kensington in

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