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Scott Rubin's NAMING YOUR SUPERHERO: THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO GEEK BABY NAMES, an up-to-date baby name guide including over 1,000 names sourced from popular science fiction and fantasy culture, to Christopher Robbins at Familius in a nice deal for publication in fall 2019, by Elaine Spencer

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Cathryn Fox's UNDER HER TOUCH, featuring a wedding planner tasked not only with planning the wedding of the century but also with setting up a millionaire magnate in need of a wife (who happens to be the all-grown-up guy who broke her heart in high school), to

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Lisa King's VANISHING HOUR, in which an old man with a debilitating case of "not normal" and a little girl with cancer brave the apocalypse, to Lou Aronica at The Story Plant, in a nice deal, by Travis Pennington

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Mia Siegert's SOMEBODY TOLD ME, in which a bigender teen goes to live with their uncle, a Catholic priest, and must make difficult choices after discovering that they can overhear parishioners' confessions through their bedroom wall, to Amy Fitzgerald at Carolrhoda Lab, in a nice deal, for publication in

We don’t make movies to make money, we make money to make more movies.

- Walt Disney

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All film and dramatic enquiries should be directed to: Deidre Knight at Deidre.Knight(AT)

Every act of communication is a miracle of translation.

- Ken Liu

Foreign Rights

Rights for publication of works by Knight Agency authors overseas are handled by a network of foreign rights sub-agents and in some cases by The Knight Agency itself. Working on its own and in conjunction with skilled subsidiary rights agents, The Knight Agency has licensed rights on behalf of its clients in over 50 countries throughout the world.

All inquiries regarding the availability of foreign rights pertaining to Knight Agency titles should be directed at

The Knight Agency is proud to be in partnership with the following talented group of foreign sub-agents.

Whitney Lee of the Fielding Agency, handling select titles in Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovak Republic, Taiwan, United Kingdom

Maura Solinas
PNLA & Associati Srl / Piergiorgio Nicolazzini Literary Agency

The Lennart Sane Agency
Brazil, The Netherlands, Scandinavia, Spain*, and Spanish-Speaking Countries*

Kristin Olson Literary Agency s.r.o.
Czech Republic

Julio F-Yanez, Agencia Literaria, S.L.

Thomas Schlück Literary Agency

Agence Litteraire Lenclud

Read N Right Agency

Kayi Literary Agency Ltd.

Katai & Bolza Literary Agents

Poland, Albania, Slovenia

Nova Littera Ltd

ANA Sophia Ltd

*except titles represented by Lucienne Diver, which are handled by the Julio F-Yáñez, Agencia Literaria, S.L.