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N.K. Jemisin's THE CITY WE BECAME, to Till Tannhauser at Tropen (Germany) in a pre-empt, by Sarah Knofius at Thomas Schlueck Agency on behalf of Lucienne Diver

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Financial expert Catherine Alford's MOM'S GOT MONEY, a guide pitched for millennial mothers to help them take on a more active financial role in their families and run their personal finances like a CEO, to Kevin Harreld at Wiley, by Elaine Spencer

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Kelley Armstrong's BENEATH THE SURFACE, in which a good girl has flashes of doing or witnessing something very, very bad—maybe even murder—thus leaving a mystery for her and her friends to solve, to Lynne Missen at Penguin Canada Children's in a nice deal, by Lucienne Diver

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Heatherly Bell's book in the Montana Mavericks continuity series, in which a fashion stylist must smooth a rugged cowboy's rough edges and his heart, to Megan Broderick at Harlequin Special Edition, by Elaine Spencer

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Christian Klaver's HOUSE OF THORNS, a fantasy trilogy in which siblings fall out against each other when forced to choose sides between their mother and father after a faerie invasion throws them out of their comfortable life in London, to Sue Arroyo at CamCat Books (with Cassandra Farrin editing

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Maggie Black's OPERATION SURVIVE THE NIGHT, the first in a new miniseries about sisters unaware of their parents' past until a dangerous enemy has finally tracked them all down, to Emily Rodmell at Harlequin Love Inspired Suspense in a nice six-book deal, by Melissa Jeglinski

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N.K. Jemisin's THE FIFTH SEASON, THE OBELISK GATE, and THE STONE SKY, to Art House Oy (Finland) in a three-book deal, by Elin Rydner at Lennart Sane Agency on behalf of Lucienne Diver

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Christina Henry's THE GIRL IN RED, to AST (Russian Federation) in a nice deal, by Sergei Cheredov and Konstantin Palchikov at Nova Littera on behalf of Lucienne Diver

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Foreign Rights

Rights for publication of works by Knight Agency authors overseas are handled by a network of foreign rights sub-agents and in some cases by The Knight Agency itself. Working on its own and in conjunction with skilled subsidiary rights agents, The Knight Agency has licensed rights on behalf of its clients in over 50 countries throughout the world.

All inquiries regarding the availability of foreign rights pertaining to Knight Agency titles should be directed at

The Knight Agency is proud to be in partnership with the following talented group of foreign sub-agents.

Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania
Mira Droumeva
ANA Sophia Ltd

Maura Solinas
PNLA & Associati Srl

Czech Republic
Kristin Olson
Kristin Olson Literary Agency

Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Central and South America
Julio F-Yanez
Agencia Literaria, S.L.

Bastian Schlueck
Thomas Schlück Literary Agency

Anne Lenclud or Pierre Lenclud
Agence Litteraire Lenclud

Nike Davarinou
Read N Right Agency

Fusun Kayi
Kayi Literary Agency Ltd.

Peter Bolza
Katai & Bolza Literary Agents

Beverley Levit
The Israeli Association of Book Publishers Ltd.

Poland, Albania, Slovenia, Estonia
Filip Wojciechowski

Konstantin Palchikov
Nova Littera Ltd

Misa Morikawa
Tuttle-Mori Agency, Inc.

Duran Kim
Duran Kim Agency

Scandinavia & The Netherlands
Philip Sane
Lennart Sane Agency AB

China, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam
Gray Tan
Grayhawk Agency