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Acting Out (Hollywood)

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Jeremy Ash, out-and-proud Hollywood hopeful, has all the makings of a mega-star. If only someone would give him a chance to finally shine. One failed audition away from leaving Tinsel Town forever, he’s given an unexpected shot at the buzz project of the year—a gay coming of age story by a famed director

Kit Harris, former child actor, was once an industry darling. Now 21, he’s lucky if his own mother remembers his name. So, when he’s offered the chance to star opposite newcomer Jeremy in an edgy indie flick that promises to jumpstart his failing career, Kit’s onboard. Theoretically. That is until he meets his too-attractive co-star. The film has an astonishing lack of wardrobe, and neither actor must dig very deep to find the searing passion the director demands.

During six months of filming and fame chasing, Kit gives Jeremy a crash course in Superstar-101. Jeremy, in return, gives Kit a dose of the normalcy he’s never known. Pursuing a long-term relationship is hardly the way to salvage Kit’s career. But when being with Jeremy feels so right, how long can Kit continue to pretend he’s only acting out?

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