A Texan for Hire (Welcome to Ramblewood)
March 17, 2017
Mistletoe Rodeo (Welcome to Ramblewood)
March 17, 2017
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Back to Texas (Welcome to Ramblewood)



Bridgett Jameson is the talk of Ramblewood…and not in a good way! With her newfound sister moving to town, her true father being exposed and the knowledge that her mother has lied to her since birth, Bridgett wants to get the heck out of Dodge. But when a handsome, mysterious stranger arrives, she finds her determination wavering. 

His family wants nothing to do with him, and Adam Steele can’t say he blames them. He’s denied their existence for years in his pursuit of fame and glory. Now he just wants to be a regular guy. Ramblewood may be the best place for a fresh start…especially if Bridgett sticks around. But will exposing his past—and the lies he’s told—cost him a future with the woman he loves?

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