June 10, 2016
June 10, 2016
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The island township of Stonefort, Maine, lies just about as far Down East as you can go without passing through Canadian customs. Through the centuries its inhabitants, descendants of native Naskeag Indians and Welsh refugees have lived an isolated existence. They include the Morgans, one-time pirates and now shadowy international criminals who live by two cardinal rules – protect the family and never foul your own nest. Kate Rowley, part-time town constable and odd-job specialist, is a high-school dropout who solves problems with her muscles and her fists. And Alice Haskell, EMT and emergency room nurse, doubles as the latest Haskell Witch, a Naskeag shaman with power over both whites and First People through her ties with the spirits of Stonefort’s land and water. Now an outside power threatens the ancient balance – white and Indian alike, law and lawbreaker alike.


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