June 12, 2016
June 12, 2016
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Two lost, tormented souls unite in the third installment of New York Times’ bestselling author Deidre Knight’s Gods of Midnight series.
Aristos Petrakos has never been one to take anything too seriously, even his immortal position as a protector of humankind. But having recently been dealt the power of a demi-god, granting him control over life and death, his naturally easygoing manner has taken a blow. One that may just prove a knockout punch when the only woman who ever fully claimed his heart reaches out from beyond the grave. Ari attempts to ignore her messages, but his long dead lover Juliana Tiades has other plans.Juliana has been roaming the streets of Savannah for over a century—ever since she drowned during one of the city’s worst hurricanes. When Ari crosses her ghostly path in Savannah through an unexpected family connection, Juliana forges a deadly pact in order to become human again…and to be with her true love. But even Ari’s own familiarity with immortal bargains could not have prepared him for the sight of Juliana’s warm-blooded body in his bedroom. Convinced that his beloved must be a demon, Ari only gradually accepts that the beautiful, redhead truly is his Juliana—a trust that may prove deadly, not only to Ari and all the Spartans, but to Juliana’s eternal


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