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Zero Hour (Audrey Harte)


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A novella featuring criminal psychologist Audrey Harte. As a teenager, she went to jail for murder. Now, the son of a serial killer has been arrested, but he’ll only speak with with Audrey . . . and he’s asking about her past.

Johnny Lee Aday is the most ruthless serial killer criminal psychologist Audrey Harte has ever encountered. When Johnny’s son – and suspected accomplice – is arrested, police hope they have leverage over Johnny to get him to release his latest victim. Instead, they find themselves up against a mind almost as warped as his father’s.
Neal Aday will give up his father’s location on one condition: Audrey tell him every gruesome detail of her own dark past. If he doesn’t contact his father within the next few hours, a young woman will die, and her murderer will escape. All Audrey has to do is finally reveal what happened that night – and how it felt to make her first kill.
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